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SA Exclusive Crossing Paths Leggings

SA Exclusive Crossing Paths Leggings

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We have put so much time and research into bringing you the highest quality leggings on the market, at a fraction of the price.

Fact: the center seams on most leggings are the first to go. So, we decided to put ours to the test and literally played tug of war with several pair - placing all of the stress on the inner seams and crotch area. Even we were surprised when we put them to the test. No matter how hard we pulled, those seams would not burst.  

The construction is unbelievable: Strong, Soft, Comfortable. You will love these leggings!

Waist Panel: Hybrid between the traditional legging elastic and the yoga pant fold. Our leggings have both a wide yoga fold and elastic to provide a comfortable fit.

Be sure to check all our great styles and colors!


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According to Blaire
Mary Hunnicutt



  • Teen: fits preteen - 2,  Length-31" Inseam-21" Waist-10.5"
  • S/M: fits about size 0-12,  Length-36" Inseam-25.5" Waist 13"
  • L/XL: fits about size 12-18, Length-37" Inseam-26" Waist-15"
  • Curvy: fits about size 18-24, Length-38.5" Inseam-26" Waist-18"


      • 65% Polyester
      • 35% Cotton
      Colors are white and deep purple