40 Deals Under $4 for the 4th

How do you compete with pancake breakfasts, parades, bike rides, fun runs, candy drops? With a really, really, really good sale. Like stop-in-your-tracks, empty that coin jar, and head to SimpleAddiction.com sale. Drum roll please... our favorite Top 40 Under $4 For The 4th (if it ends in .97, go ahead and use code CLEARANCE for an additional 20% off):

Aztec Warmers, Headbands, Button Leg Warmers, 
Candy Ball Earrings, Boot Cuffs, Button Boot Cuffs, Hair bows, Lace Leg Warmers
$0.97 + 20% Off with code: CLEARANCE 

Shop:1.95 Glitter and Leather Bow Headbands


Shop: 1.97 Fidget Spinners, Paige Pom Pom Shorts
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Shop 2.95 Dainty Arrow Bracelet, Simple Velvet Choker Necklaces

Shop 2.97 Onesies (9 styles), Chelsea Charm Bracelets and Polka Dot Scarves

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Shop 3.97 leggings, hats and pillow covers

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Shop: 4.97 100% Leather Moccasins

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Shop: 4.97 select Graphic Tees, Knit Sweater Pillow Covers

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