10 Must-Have Summer Dresses
Here's the deal... I spent all of my elementary years in a private school which required uniform attire.  Easy.  Half way through my 7th grade year,  I was plucked from the comfort of my blue blazer and penny loafers and thrown right into the horrors of public junior high fashion.  No marketing words can describe the sorry sight of my coordinating efforts. Oh, how my fashionista mother tried to corral me in the right direction, but I just couldn't get it... that is, until I met the dress.  The one-and-done, no extra pieces necessary, uniform loving favorite.  To this day, if I had my choice, it would be dresses every day.  So, for me when a dress under $30 crosses my path, I don't walk, I sprint to checkout.  Here are 5 summer dresses you will find in my closet this summer: