5 Flattering Necklines For Your Body Shape
Do you ever think about your neckline? You should! It is the most overlooked part of clothing and it truly affects how flattering that top or dress will be.  A good neckline with change the way your bust, neck and face appear. How to flatter your upper body with the perfect neckline? Here are 5 of our favorite tips with tops:
#1. Halter or keyhole neck: favorite for many women because it suits never every body type. Truly ideal for those of us with a larger bust or narrow shoulders. Have a large waistline? This style will draw the eye away up to the top!
Right On Trend Top: 19.95
#2. Jewel Neck: Wider and lower than the typical round neck, it perfect for women with a slim neck.  We like how it defines the collar. Perfect for most body shapes, especially those that do not want to accentuate a larger bust. 
Lace Be Honest Sweater: 24.95
#3. The popular v-neck. There are high and low "v" necks - each suit a different shape.  The higher is best for women with a smaller bust and narrow neck.  The low is ideal with women with a larger bust and thicker neck. 
Kendall Tunic: 12.95
#4. Cowl Neck: have a small bust and slender neck? This line is for you! This cut is typically round and close up to the neck. 
Heather Ruffle Cowl Neck: 27.95
#5. Crew Neck: likely the most popular style. It is round and close to the neck. They are most flattering for women with a small bust and slender neck. 
Roxy Stripes Top: 19.95