5 Reasons You Can't Live Without This Hoodie

When it comes to cozy, the hoodie should always come out on top, followed closely by exclusive leggings, of course! Not only is the hoodie cozy, it is the most versatile top you own. This closet BFF will accompany you to the park, to work, to football games, with Netflix, to school, to any workout.  Basically, the moment you pull that piece of goodness over your head, it is like you've slipped into a warm bath - the kind that you never need to escape. If this doesn't convince you, here are 5 reasons you absolutely cannot live without this essential:

#1. Score this wardrobe VIP for under $30

All Simple Addiction hoodies are listed under $30.  If you are lucky and catch a great sale (like right now!!) you can score this steal for $22.95

#2. There is no such thing as one type of hoodie, be prepared to fill your wardrobe with zippers, block colors and florals!

#3. You know those buttons? We've got those too

#4. Need coordinated outfits that scream classy and comfortable?

#5. Hoodies are much more than lounge wear, these styles are so fancy, they're first date approved