5 Tops You Shouldn't Live Without
Every...single...wardrobe should always contain at least 5 pieces you just can't live without.  One for every weekday.  A piece that will not easily go out of style or lost its appeal.  A piece that will give you the ultimate in comfort and class. Does such a piece exist? Behold... THE TUNIC! The perfect staple for those transitional months where you want class but must have comfort. Where do you find such wonder?  Presenting our top 5:
1. On The Go Tunic: $22.95 (was 29.99)  
Named for a specific purpose... who isn't always "on the go"?! This is one of those tunics that you can literally grab on your way out the door and still look like you tried. Pair with your favorite jeans or leggings
2. Heidi Pocket Tunic: $19.95 (was 28.95)  
During the brisk transition months of Febuary and March, a lightweight tunic with pockets is your best friend. Pair it with exclusive leggings for the ultimate in comfort. 
3. Molly Must Have Tunic: $19.95 (was 32.95)  
The name says it all.  The basic, must-have piece. This staple will never go out of style (cue Taylor Swift) or lose its appeal. 
4. Stripe Sensation Tunic: $24.95 (was 32.95)  
Ask not what you can do for stripes, but what stripes will do for you. The answer is this: variety. 
5. All In Plaid Time Tunic: $16.95 (was 29.95)  
Plaid is not a fad and it is a proven fact that girls that wear color are happier! Get both with this slam-dunk, hole-in-one plaid tunic.