Going on a trip? 3 Items You'll Want In Your Suitcase
The only thing worse than not having anything to wear, is not having anything to pack in that suitcase! Whether you are gearing up for spring break, or prepping for summer fun, here are 3 of our favorite traveling pieces:
1. A light weight button up top.  It's airplane and out-to-dinner friendly, yet can double as a sweet cover for the swim suit.   Let's tour top: 23.95

2. Bright colors {check}, longer length for versatile pairing {check}, waffle for comfort {check} Tabby waffle tunic: 23.95

3. The staple of all staples.  The #1 top choice of travelers everywhere.  The most comfortable choice when it comes to legwear.  The piece that you literally wear every day. Every. Single. Day.  SA Exclusive Black Leggings: 9.95