Top 10 Tops To Pair With Leggings

Bianca Collings

Posted on January 06 2017

Top 10 Tops To Pair With Leggings

I think most of us agree - leggings just can't count as pants, and that is why tunics and such were invented. Okay, not really, but wearing leggings without the right shirt is a fashion no-no! Here are 10 of our favorite, must-be-paired-with-leggings tops for the week:

#1. Let's Get Comfy Tunic: 24.95

#2. Kendall Tunic: 12.95

#3. Pleated Pleasure Top

#4. Pleased With Plaid Hoodie

#5. Alpine Terry Sweater

#6. Forever Flirting Tunic

#7. Roxy Stripe Top

#8. Sadie Stipe Tunic

#9. The Fix Hoodie

#10. Blockin' With Peplum Top

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