How To Dress That Tricky Body Shape: 4 Tips for 4 Body Types

I learned many years ago, at a very young age, that not all clothes looked good on my body.  SHOCKER!  I have been blessed with certain "assets" that I would rather hide than accentuate.  It was a bit of a harsh reality to discover that just because an outfit looked fantastic on a mannequin, or model... did not mean it would look the same on my "assets".   I believe when you dress based on your body type,  you not only look your best, you feel your best too. That is why online buying can be tricky.  How do you know what body type that model has? What could they be hiding to make the piece look better than it really is?  How do I know it will look good on me?  We here at Simple Addiction want our clothes to look good on you... SO, we've pulled together different pieces based on the most common four body type categories: hourglass, circle, triangle and rectangle:


#1. Hourglass.  When your shape tells time, it means only one thing: you've got curves! Show off the figure with a belted or cinch waist.  Adjustable belts are even better because they highlight just how tiny that waist is. 

Twist and Shout Dress: 24.95

#2. The Circle aka "Apples".  We tend to carry weight around the famous midsection -  this is the most common post-pregnant shape.  Clothes should fit loosely around the midsection and more snug elsewhere.  We love the empire waist in this Andi Striped Dress with a snugger upper section and sleeves.

Andi Striped Dress: 22.95

#3. The Triangle: your upper is smaller than your lower.  you want structure that draws attention upwards, to even out the lower body's proportions.  Wider necklines, like the one in our Forever Flirting Tunic, broaden the shoulders and offset the fuller hips

Forever Flirting Tunic: $19.95

#4. Rectangle: the straight-up-and-down figure.  The goal with this shape is to create curves.  Add flare to your tops to create volume to the bust and shoulders, making the waist look smaller.  We love the ruffles in this redefined ruffle top.  Just enough volume with a little class, to give you the flare needed to do the trick.

Redefined Ruffle Top: $13.97