5 Ways To Wear Stripes

Where in the world would be without stripes? They are as much a part of our wardrobe as the tees and skinny jeans.  But, sometimes this forever favorite can prove tricky as we don't want to look like we are wearing the same ol' same ol' every day.  Are you ready to harness the power of stripes?  Here are 5 of our favorite stripe "twists" from 2016 - all simple,  yet great options for a range of ages, shapes and styles:

#1. It is has been said "the best way to flatter a woman's face is with a v-neck garment". Not only does this Better in Stripes Top have a v-neck it also scores a point for its figure flattering length.  

#2.  Casual comfort with a bit of refinement, thanks to fine keyhole neckline and the tunic length youlove – creating cozy sophistication
#3. Take your stripes to a new level by wearing them outside your outfit.  It is the easiest way to make a simple tee and jeans come alive. 
#4. There is much debate over which is more flattering - horizontal or vertical stripes. When you can't choose, go for both!  We love the horizontal body, with the vertical side and arms on this Brielle Stripe Top 
#5. Hoodies were officially dubbed the "streetwear trend of the year" in 2016.  What better way to style your streetwear than with stripes!  These new exclusive double hooded sweatshirts get an A+ for overall comfort, length, style and thumb hole