Top Ten Items To Wear Between Christmas and the New Year:
You know that space between Christmas and New Year that just sits there, doing nothing?  That time when you are just kind of lost and don't know what to do, or what to wear?  Feeling the full of effect of every holiday party, but not yet ready to kick in the New Year Resolutions?  The Norwegians call this period "Romjul".  We call it Tunic Time.  Actually, any loose fitting, cozy gear will do. For those of us who actually have to leave our home, here are our top 10 ten pieces you'll want on your person in the weeks to come: 
#10.  The ultimate in comfort.  You will want these buttery soft exclusive leggings on your body, all day, every day.  If you catch this sale between Christmas and the New Year, you may even score a pair for $5.97 with an additional 20% off if you use code: CLEARANCE at checkout. 
#9.  Nothing keeps those legs stylish and warm like a great pair of leg warmers or boot socks.  Shop year end and grab a pair for $1.97 plus an additional 20% off with code: CLEARANCE
#8. We call that space between Christmas and New Year: Tunic Time.  Something to cover all of the holiday parties while you await the resolutions.  For those of us who have to leave the house, let's do it style: Key Hole Tunic
#7.  The tops that complement our legging obsession.  Truly we need one of these for every day of the week. 
#6. ... and then there are those tops that feel like pajamas but look legit.  The name "Think Of Me" is appropriate for the emotion you will have after you purchase this top.  Your thoughts will turn to wearing it, every. 
#5. The jogger pants: the ultimate game changer in legwear.  You get the same cozy, comfy as you do with sweats, only you look like you tried. 
#4.  The Double Hooded Sweatshirt.  Call it what it is, a sweatshirt.  I am the first to admit that the sweatshirt shelf is the VIP shelf of my closet.  If you must wear sweats 24/7, the exclusive double hoodie is the comfiest and classiest route. 
#3. The Blanket Scarf: You can literally throw these beauties on anything. Anything! and you will not only be in the realm of comfort, but you can check off the "I made the effort" box too!
#2. Boots, booties and boots.  To cap off the tunic and legging looks in the most stylish way, you need the boots. 
#1. The Exclusive Black Leggings have rightfully earned their #1 position for must-have-wear during any week of the year.  That one closet staple that you cannot live without.  Wear it bed, to work, to play, to dance, to yoga.  These black leggings have changed the wardrobe game forever.  Not only are they classy, sleek, comfortable, durable, silky soft, buttery soft, they are only $7.95. All year, $7.95.  I highly recommend buying at least 7 pair - one for every day of the week.